Presentation to Lakselaget

Julie Thorsheim, President of KST ASSOCIATES, Northfield, Minnesota, was guest presenter at the April meeting of Lakselaget, speaking on The Kveb├Žk Sculpture Tool: A Norwegian invention for assessment and treatment of relationship issues that is making an impact in the U.S. and globally.

In addition to showing how the KST figures are used in assessment and therapy settings, Thorsheim incorporated these symbolic figures in sharing some of her stories of family heritage, including immigration stories, constructing her family-of-origin and her family today. Questions and comments from Lakselaget guests and members indicated interest in professional applications of the technique and how she established her company. Another commented later that the presentation whetted her interest in searching out her own Scandinavian heritage.

Lakselaget is a Minneapolis organization for area professional women and college and university students who are Norwegian, of Norwegian descent, or interested in contemporary Norwegian issues “and all things Norwegian.” Founded in 2002, the organization features noteworthy speakers and offers scholarships and grants to Norwegian students and to Minnesota professional women. The organization’s title symbolizes the theme, “Women who swim against the current…”

To learn more about Lakselaget, and to read a full description of this presentation, visit the Lakselaget website.