Mediation is about restoring health to relationships. KST Associates has expertise in providing consultation to promote health in human systems of all kinds: family, school, workplace and organizations.

Consultation fees are context specific, based on the industry standard within the specific country or region, and negotiated on an individual basis with each organization or program.

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Here’s one example:
The following article, from Africa, is an example of a conflict resolution process using the Kvebaek Family Sculpture figures (here called “genderless dolls”) that was piloted in Tanzania in March of 2007. KST Associates provided consultation and contributed a set of KST figures. The leaders on site then developed a process adapted to their own culture and context.

Mwangaza Reflections*, Spring 2007 issue — The Director of Mwangaza, Seelah Kissioki, wrote: “For three days in March, ten women from Mbulu and Northern Diocese were invited to Mwangaza Centre to pilot our new program — the Binti Mama Community Mediation program. The model for our newest offering comes from a Norwegian background where genderless dolls are used to represent family and community members. By using the dolls, participants more freely identify problems related to stigma and abuse in the family, community, school, church and work place. Following this discussion, participants are challenged to identify the most critical situations that cause problems in behavior and communication and then develop a play about the problem. And they enact it by using the genderless dolls. It’s from this point that they begin to analyze what the problem is, who is responsible, and what needs to change in order to restore health to the relationships “¦ New scenarios that show change and the process are also enacted and analyzed.” … “Mediation is about restoring health to relationships within specific environments, and, as participants noted, ‘It’s not easy!’ It requires responsibility from all involved and a commitment to change. . . The impact made in this new program is significant ..”¦ The use of the genderless dolls provides a venue to speak as someone else–and not as one’s self . . .thereby easing the release of issues that usually remain silent.” Kissioki concluded, “From what we have learned in this pilot, there is every reason to believe that this new Community Mediation program will greatly contribute to peaceful resolution to conflict.”

* A Friends of Mwangaza publication. For additional information and photos, click on News and search archives for “Hello world!”