Rapidly engage your clients in assessment and treatment with the KST

The Kvebaek Sculpture Tool provides a simple and appealing way to rapidly engage clients in showing how their life feels.  The process of family sculpting offers an accurate and efficient means to assess family systems.

How it works:

  1. Clients are invited to choose figures from the semi-abstract objects to represent themselves and others in their family or network.
  2. Then they are asked to place these figures to show how it feels to them in their life just now.
  3. The process of sculpting “How it feels now” and “How I would like it to be” helps shape the treatment plan and can become a part of ongoing therapy.



  • The KST tool can illustrate situations of varying complexity.
  • Sculpting helps clients nonverbally communicate their feelings or experiences to the therapist and other group members.
  • The visual, tactile and kinesthetic activity amplifies impact to those observing, as well as to the one creating the sculpture.