Feedback From Professionals

Question: What’s especially appealing about the Kveb├Žk Sculpture technique?

  • “My clients relate to it.. there is no one’s face on the figures. . . they use their imaginations”
  • “I like the non-controlling aspect of it.”
Client's family on Map

Client sculpting resources

  • “Very useful tool in supervising students–I have them use the figures to present cases.”
  • “The concrete way it provides a window to view the client’s social network.”
  • “The projective potential of the figures — It’s hands-on, and helps client get to unconscious material.”
  • “Works better than traditional talk therapy—involves clients in the process from the beginning.”
  • “Having something tangible to see and handle instead of writing helped maintain the focus of our kids”

Question: What features do you particularly like?

Cross-cultural interest and application

  • The easy-to-follow manual makes it is easy to use.”
  • “The way the figures and grid provide structure and focus.”
  • “It is a quick way to gather information about a client and their relationships.”
  • “The possible uses are unlimited.”
  • “Combines visual, tactile and verbal modalities.”
  • “Provocative yet subtle.”

Question: What do clients say about it?

Natural wood...draws me in..

  • “It’s easy to use.”
  • “It’s simplicity helps me express myself with clarity and depth.”
  • “I love the natural wood…the figures themselves draw me in to handling them–very appealing to touch and sight”
  • “I find the figures to be great for depicting the people I want to talk about, and at the same time are non-threatening.”

Question: What do you see happening when clients use the KST?

Telling her story by sculpting

  • “The KST engages clients in telling their stories.”
  • “It is helpful with diversity issues.”
  • “It brings out affective awareness.”
  • “I find it is specially helpful if my client does not verbalize well, or, perhaps is cognitively limited.”
  • “It helps me know quickly who is in my client’s network.”
  • “The technique evokes powerful meanings for clients.”