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Family systems training: Using KST figurines and Resource Map to demonstrate assessment.

Demonstrating family assessment with KST figures and Resource Map.


Julie Thorsheim, MSW, DCSW, of KST Associates, demonstrating the use of representational family sculpting and other interactive techniques to advance skills development for social services professionals and mental health clinicians. The in-service training shown here took place in a mental health agency a few years ago.


Following another Clinical Training Seminar, Chief Psychologist, Dr. Wayne Ehrisman, wrote Thorsheim saying, “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation on the Kvebaek Family Sculpting Technique at the Southwest Mental Health Center two weeks ago. Your presentation was very informative regarding the clinical and theoretical foundations of this technique, and your style of presentation and skillful use of case material provided clear illustrations regarding how it can be applied in clinical practice.” He called the presentation “a breath of fresh air.” A clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, he noted the importance of renewing an emphasis on family systems theory and therapy in current child training programs in departments of Psychology and Psychiatry.


Professors in other American universities who are educating medical students and residents also recognize the importance of providing their students with a foundation in family systems concepts. This is particularly important for men and women entering family medicine, pediatrics and advanced practice nursing. Of note in this regard is a 1992 article in the journal, Family Systems Medicine, by Botelho, et al, entitled “Using the Kvebæk board for brief systems consultation: A teaching technique for preceptor-resident encounters.” (See Literature for detailed reference.)

If you are committed to better equipping doctors, nurses, family therapists, psychologists or social workers in your academic program, take a look at how incorporating the Kvebaek Sculpture Tool might efficiently and effectively enhance a family systems perspective in your professional curriculum and continuing education.  We invite you to get in touch with KST Associates by clicking the Contact  link on the Top bar.