Professional Education: Classroom & Conference

The values and standards of all health professions and of social services institutions are based on promoting health and optimal functioning. We understand health to include physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is our mission to enhance the education and professional development of social services and mental health professionals by teaching holistic, family systems perspectives in work with client systems and individual patients.

Therapist sculpts a case with colleagues looking on.

Therapist sculpts a case with colleagues looking on.

KST ASSOCIATES offers both a concise introduction to the theoretical foundations of family sculpting, and equipment and manual for applying the Kvebaek Sculpture Technique, a symbolic form of family sculpture, in assessment and treatment of relationship issues. The KST techniques engage individuals’ visual, tactile and kinesthetic senses to share their own experience and to communicate more effectively with others.


Feedback about classroom and conference presentations:

Julie Thorsheim in Beijing, China
Julie Thorsheim at Beijing, U.S.-China Conference-2006

“Your presentation was very informative regarding the clinical and theoretical foundations of this technique, and your style of presentation and skillful use of case material provided clear illustrations regarding how it can be applied in clinical practice.”


“Your use of video clips and demonstration really made concepts clear.”

“Loved the hands-on opportunity.”

“The best workshop I attended.”

As you plan your curriculum to equip professionals in your discipline, Kvebaek representational family sculpting.                                        Consult KST ASSOCIATES for hands-on resources!

Comment from a social work professor and clinical supervisor:

“I am very impressed by the practical application of sculpting afforded through the use of the Kvebaek family sculpture tools. You offered me, in a short time, a useful and informative presentation regarding the clinical and theoretical foundations of this therapeutic technique. I think it would be an invaluable tool for use in assessment and family therapy. It practicalizes family sculpting for clinicians –-and would be easily accessible for newer clinicians.”

Offer a Family Sculpture workshop in your region, in collaboration with other professional organizations and agencies.

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