17-figure Executive Toolkit Set

Seventeen hardwood figures nested in custom-lined leather attaché case. Executive set includes KST manual of your choice, sociogram grid, and Strengths Assessment/ Resource Map. High quality leather in black, burgundy or cognac, with combination lock.

17-figure deluxe set

17-figure Toolkit Set Deluxe

Seventeen-figure set, nested in a flocked foam form-fitting, cardboard case, complete with Sociogram grid, and Strengths assessment/resource map and KST manual.  (See description of KST figures and select your choice of hardwood and manual.)

13-figure Toolkit Set

Thirteen figure set in your choice of hardwood (2 large figures, 4 medium figures, 6 small, 1 pet figure) with KST manual. Hardwood choices as in 17 figure set. This set comes with USB thumb drive or CD version of the manual.

Paper manual and CD

KST Manual

Guide to using the KST in Family Sculpture – enlarged, with color photos. Guide’s Table of Contents: Theoretical Foundations; Benefits of the Kvebaek Sculpture; Applications: Direct work with Clients; Supervision, Consultation, Research; Getting Started; The Strengths Assessment/Resource Map; The Sociogram Grid; Case Examples, more.

New development:  the Manual, Guide to Using the Kvebaek Sculpture Technique, is now available in thumb drive or CD.  In addition to the original Guide, we include eight short QuickTime Movies featuring David Kvebaek, Julie Thorsheim, and a Marriage & Family Therapist and a psychologist, who were co-presenters with Thorsheim at a Representational Sculpturing Workshop. These videos enhance and deepen understanding of the broad range of applicability of family sculpture. You will see and hear practitioners using the KST with children and families. As a bonus, also included is archival footage, filmed in Norway, of the inventor of the Kvebaek Sculpture Tool and Test (KFST or KST)  late in the lifetime of David Kvebaek, as he provided instruction to Julie Thorsheim, founder of KST Associates, during her professional visits to Oslo. All this is now available with your choice of CD or thumb drive!

17-Figure Set Plus Bag

17-figure Toolkit Set Plus Bag

Boxed set of seventeen hardwood figures: 2 large rounded, 2 large angular, 3 medium rounded, 3 medium angular, 6 small  (3 rounded, 3 angular), and 1 pet figure, with KST manual of your choice. Plus: All within a durable light-weight fabric case with multiple pockets for files, cell phone, pens. You choose dominant hardwood; two of the medium figures will be provided in contrasting wood tone. Pet is maple in all sets.

17-figure set

17-figure Toolkit Set

Boxed set of seventeen figures: 2 large rounded figures, 2 large angular figures, 3 medium rounded figures, 3 medium angular figures, 6 small figures (3 rounded, 3 angular), and 1 pet figure; with KST manual of your choice. You choose dominant hardwood; two of the medium figures will be provided in contrasting wood tone. Pet is maple in all sets.