Multi-family group work

A practitioner working with dual diagnosis adolescents and parents wrote . . .

“I have been using my KST Toolkit in  sessions with adults & teens           

to get a sense of:

  • family dynamics,
  • communication between family members,
  • desired changes in family dynamics “

This therapist also reported using the Toolkit in a multi-family group:

The parents

  • mapped out their families of origin
  • what communication feels like between members,
  • what the relationships look like between members,
  • how each  would like things to be different.

The teens chose figures to represent themselves and their family

  • to show how they were seeing their family, and
  • how they would like things to be different.

These group experiences led to families working together toward making some positive changes.

  Most teens reported learning something new and surprising about their parents’ own growing up experiences.

All parents learned something new about their teen.