Kvebæk Family Sculpture Technique

What is the Kvebaek Sculpture Tool (or KST)? It is virtually the same instrument as the Kvebæk Family Sculpture Test (KFST). Click on Kvebæk Sculpture Technique to learn more. Before we began to make the KST Toolkit available to professionals in the English-speaking world, Julie Thorsheim, the founder of KST Associates, met with David Kvebæk, and he gave his stamp of approval to the modified design of the figurines that Thorsheim crafted in Minnesota. See the History section for the rest of the story about Kvebæk granting Thorsheim certification to instruct others in applications of the Kvebaek Family Sculpture Technique, to further develop this assessment, research and therapy instrument, and to make the Kvebaek Sculpture Toolkit (KST) available to practitioners and researchers.